001The book on Navagrahangal gives in detail the origin of each planet, its parentage, spouses and children. Each planet has its own form of worship which is common to our worship of God, like Moolamanthram, Karanyasa and Anganyasa, Kavachamanthram, invocation of Athidevatha and Prathiadidevatha, Graha Gayathri Manthram as well as their Ashtottara Satya Sankya (108) Sostram and Namavali. These are also given in the book.

The connection between each planet and the ten avatharas and the sloka associated with them are also given.

Our astrology gives in detail the influences of the planets when they are in the twelve different rasis (zodiac). The book gives us what the effect of each planet is when it occupies different rasi.

Each planet belongs to a particular gothra, has its own favourite colour, flower,002 gem etc. These are also given in the book. Tamil Nadu has temples for each of these planets and those are mentioned in the book.

To cap it all some interesting episodes involving each planet are also given in the book.

Each chapter on a planet has a song written and sung by Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar, one of the trinities of Carnatic music. These songs are in Sanskrit and are composed in seven different talas. The tamil translation given by the author explains their meanings.

About Navagrahangal book and the author by Prof. N. P. Hariharan (Former Principal, SD College, Alleppey)


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